Who are We?

photo of Brigid Riley, wedding florist


I am Brigid Riley, the founder of Fernwood Flowers. I lived in the US for many years, near Washington DC, where I worked with clients that were planning either luxury weddings or flashy corporate and political events and fundraisers. It was a hectic pace and I loved it in that moment. When my husband and I moved back to Ireland, our two children in tow, we decided we wanted a rural upbringing for them, where they could grow up slowly and innocently. To do this, I knew I would need to start my own business. I had a vision for a style of floristry (and life!) that took a slower pace, with inspiration from garden- gathered flowers, abundant and romantic and inspired by the seasons and so Fernwood Flowers was born!


Other things about me? Let’s see….
I love to travel. I am always planning our family’s next adventure. I believe strongly that experiences are so much more valuable than material things and I am trying to instill those values in my kids. I love the outdoors, hiking in the forest, working in the garden, dining alfresco in the Summer- generally being around nature. I love black coffee (probably too much), delicious, simple food and great wine. I am left-handed, a Ciotóg as we say in Ireland. I was raised in Ireland, though I was born in the US and I feel an attachment to both sides of the pond. I have an incredible husband, Kyle who truly keeps the show on the road!

About you

Our couples are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel, big dreamers and hard workers.
You absolutely adore landscapes and flowers and appreciate the magic that good floral design can bring to a space.
You understand subtly in design and you value quality over quantity. You are a lover of magical atmospheres that evoke emotions and embrace the tiniest tales.
If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

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