Firstly, congratulations on your engagement, what an exciting time!

Thanks for getting in touch, we aim to make the planning process simple and straightforward, recognizing that you probably haven't done this before. You may be feeling a little lost and overwhelmed by the whole thing!

From our perspective, we are super excited to work with couples regardless of their budget. We have no minimum spend and are always happy to provide suggestions on where the money is best spent, where to get ‘the most bang for your buck’ at your venue and how to make the greatest impact on the day. However, we often find couples have no idea of how much they should budget for flowers so we are happy to share our price guide here to give you an idea of where to begin.



We have a form below to collect the information we need to work up a proposal for your wedding flowers. Please include as much info as possible as it really helps to get a sense of where your inspiration is drawn from.

Brigid Riley is the creative force behind FERNWOOD. Recently returned to Ireland after a number of years working in the US and UK, her style is uniquely expressive, romantic and natural. Inspired by the movement and texture often found in natural landscapes, Brigid creates evocative compositions of flowers, foliage, fruits and branches in her studio in rural Co. Meath, often gathering materials from the surrounding environment. Her work has been featured in a variety of settings from high profile corporate and political events to more intimate social occasions such as weddings, birthdays and private parties in the US and beyond.