Here at Fernwood Flowers, we now have our own cutting garden and are very excited about the prospect of all the lovely flowers we can grow here this year! A few years ago I became aware of the slow flower movement in the US and the UK- essentially sustainably grown flowers or the field- to vase phenomenon. I decided to try growing some flowers myself. In particular I was drawn to the imperfection of flowers from the garden, the curved stems and the wildness that they can add to an arrangement. The fact that these flowers had a very small carbon footprint and could be grown without the use of heavy chemicals also appealled. Commercial flowers are mostly grown in South America and South Africa and covered in chemicals to keep them fresh while they are being transported to the Dutch flower markets where they are auctioned and trucked to Ireland. It turned out our customers love the addition of the garden flowers and for this year's season we will be growing more than 40 varieties of flowers here in our flower farm in North County Meath. Stay tuned for updated photos throughout the year. These winter months are all about preparing the beds and starting seed inside to plant out when it warms up. Can you spot the narcissus, poking their little heads above ground?