You've received a surprise bouquet of fresh flowers and they are so beautiful you want to admire them forever. Well... forever might be a stretch.... but don't worry, we have lots of tips for you to get the most out of your flowers! 

Here are some tips to keep your flowers looking their best for as long as possible.

Use a clean vase. Scrub that baby until you would be happy to drink out of it. Bacteria is the enemy of fresh flowers.

We like vases that are wider at the base. This allows the stems to spread out, giving space between your flowers for a looser look. A narrow vase will force the stems together and make the arrangement very tight.

Fill with fresh, clean water. We advise changing the water everyday to avoid bacteria build up.

Remove the bouquet from it's packaging. Leave the stems tied.

Snip the stems of your flowers.  This is really important. The stems will naturally seal during transport so you need to give them a fresh cut to allow the flowers to drink.

Hold the bouquet and snip the twine that is holding it together. Carefully lower into your vase. 

Display away from direct sunlight, heat sources and fresh fruit. (that last one came as a surprise, right? Here's today's science lesson... ripening fruit emits a gas called ethylene which will cause rapid aging of your beautiful flowers)

Not all flowers are created equally. Some have a very long vase life while others are shorter. We recommend you change the water in your vase everyday and remove any flowers that have faded so they don't harm the other flowers. (it's that pesky bacteria at work again...)